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As a Metro employee I have a strong opinion as to who needs to be Sheriff. The current administration is grasping at straws with these new "informal/open forum" meetings with employees. The introduction is all warm & fuzzy but the unstated message is clear "Vote for Doug Gillespie" but don't feel pressured in anyway. These meetings have just started to take place in the past few weeks. The administration purpose for each meeting is to help correct what is wrong which should have been done years ago. So what’s the hurry now? Oh ya the elections!!

Most employees of Metro have been lead down the wrong path for too many years. As a "Metropolitan" agency we should be far more advanced. We are understaffed, under trained (No CPR or first responder training for police officers, PSR etc...), and under armed (Feb. 1st, 2006). We pay more than one million in RENT every month.

In my sixteen years experience (including 8 years out of state) we as a so called premier law enforcement agency fall very short of the mark compared to the outstanding job that every LVMPD employee does everyday.

If U.S. Doug Gillespie is such a great candidate then what has he been doing for the past 3.5 years? The amount of tax payer dollars that are wasted everyday is disgusting and absurd.

After researching Jerry Airola I have come to the strong conclusion that he has a strong and balanced business sense and has the law enforcement experience (what ever you may believe) to head this outstanding law enforcement agency. Jerry Airola was correct in stating that "the old boys" are at the helm and need to be removed. Many of the old money/name politicians are running scared because of what Mr. Airola has proposed and I quote, "I will turn this department on its ear, in a good way".

Stop, look & listen, and ask why are all of these people running scared of Jerry Airola? I compare Mr. Airola’s managing Metro to Bill Gates managing Warren Buffett’s wealth. Who do you want to manage such a budget? A person who has made his own money and doesn’t need money, that’s Jerry Airola. I have had to remain incognito to help keep my job as to not let the administration know who I am because I am afraid of the "old boys". You should be too!!

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